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5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Oct 2, 2019 8:44:59 AM

You clean your home so that it’s tidy and inviting, but you also clean it to get rid of germs and bacteria. However, you may not realize that certain cleaning tasks can actually be dangerous in and of themselves! Here are five cleaning mishaps that are actually dangerous and should be avoided:

5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

1. Inadequate Ventilation– When using cleaning solutions, be sure to either open a window in the room, turn on an exhaust fan, or otherwise be sure there is airflow in your work area. Research shows that prolonged exposure to and inhalation of harsh chemicals can affect lung function. Take care of your lungs by working in adequately ventilated areas.

2. Inadequate Attention to Mold & Mildew– Mold and mildew are unsightly, but too often a homeowner will wait until there’s an infestation to work to remove mold or mildew. Don’t ignore mold or mildew or put off addressing it till you have more time. Attack it right away! If you don’t have time to handle mold or mildew, call on a good professional cleaning company to handle the problem for you! Mold spores can trigger allergies for you or family members or house guests, so don’t ignore what seems like a small area of mildew or mold growth.

3. Mixing Chemicals that Shouldn’t Be Mixed– Bleach and ammonia cannot be mixed or even used in the same vicinity. Even diluted bleach or an ammonia-based product could produce a toxic reaction with the other chemical. If you inadvertently mix these two, or use them in quick succession, noxious fumes will be created. If you inhale the vapors, they could cause respiratory damage, burn your throat, or worse. If you inadvertently use these two chemicals during the same cleaning task or in the same area at the same time, leave that area immediately and don’t return until the fumes have adequate time to dissipate.

4. Unsafe Handling of Razor Blades– You can severely hurt yourself by using a razor blade incorrectly. Razor blades can be handy to use on certain cleaning projects, but it’s imperative that you make sure the blade is sharp and new, not rusty at all, and that you always push the blade away from yourself and never pull it toward yourself.

5. Ignoring Labels or Instructions– If you choose not to read or reference the cleaning product label, or decide to use a cleaning product or tool in a way other than it was designed to do, you can risk injury to yourself, or at the very least, damage to a surface or area of your home. Read the label, including ingredients of cleaning solutions (you may find out a cleaning product is ammonia-based and can avoid using it along with bleach), operation manuals for power tools, and the like.

House cleaning shouldn’t be dangerous, but it can be without the right planning or information. Stay informed, stay safe, and plan your cleaning day or cleaning project right. Better yet, do what more and more homeowners are doing and call on a highly rated maid service in your area to take of everything for you! First Coast Home Pros is the best Jacksonville FL cleaning service and the company to call on for your home. We specialize in house cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning, so you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your home sparkling and germ-free. Our house cleaning team can come weekly, biweekly, or monthly to keep your home just the way you like it! Just trust the job to us.

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