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When Is The Best Time To Refinish My Deck?

May 22, 2013 2:28:55 AM

Outdoor PatioWhen you have a lovely wooden deck, you can host wonderful picnics there for your family and friends during summers. However, the harsh winter might have left your deck in need of some work. If the exposed wood needs to be refinished, the late spring is the best time to do it, because soon enough it will be too hot to work in the sun.

Now is the right time for re-staining your deck, just in time for hosting all the picnics and barbeques you want. You can enjoy the spring sunshine and make it a weekend project. You will have the satisfaction of having done something around the home yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it. Every time you use the deck, you will feel the thrill of having done something for your home. Refinishing a deck is a simple task, and can be done in a weekend.

Picking the Product

Many experts feel that one of the best products for staining the deck is a solid stain. That’s because it offers the most UV protection from the sun's damaging rays. It is essential to choose a good quality stain that will withstand the rigors of the climate when it is exposed to it. In places where the summers are hot and the winters are cold, or there is excessive humidity and rainfall, it is essential to select the best protection possible. If you choose a good stain for your staining of the deck, there is a good chance that it will last for several years before maintenance coats are required.

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How’s Your Deck Holding Up in This Summer’s Heat?

Jul 17, 2011 8:28:13 AM

Have you thought about this summers heat damage on your home recently? It would be wise to consider how your outdoor deck is holding up.  When your deck is subjected to a vicious cycle of Florida rain, humidity and scorching heat it will require special attention.  Keeping your deck maintained with deck refinishing or deck staining you can make sure your deck lasts for many years of enjoyment.  If your deck receives a lack of attention, then the surface is certain to premature rot and decay away.

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