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5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

Oct 2, 2019 8:44:59 AM

You clean your home so that it’s tidy and inviting, but you also clean it to get rid of germs and bacteria. However, you may not realize that certain cleaning tasks can actually be dangerous in and of themselves! Here are five cleaning mishaps that are actually dangerous and should be avoided:

5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

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Your Appliance Cleaning Guide: How to Clean the Oven

Aug 14, 2019 4:14:00 PM

We’re continuing our series about how to clean your appliances with what you need to know to clean your oven.  When you notice a residue on the racks or bottom of the oven, grime on the door, or smoke when you turn on the oven, you know it’s time for the oven to get cleaned.  But when do you use the oven’s self-cleaning feature and when do you roll up your sleeves and clean the oven yourself? 

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Your Appliance Cleaning Guide: How to Clean the Stovetop

Jul 3, 2019 10:14:33 AM

The stovetop gets grimy quickly and the crusted bits of food can be tough to remove! Our steps can help you get your stove top clean, grime-free, and ready to use again. Here’s how:

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