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3 Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Aug 17, 2019 9:24:26 AM

It’s easy to forget about hiring professional air duct cleaning for your home, since ductwork is “out of sight, out of mind.” However, the best air duct cleaning companies recommend having your home’s ductwork professionally cleaned every 3-5 years. Here are three benefits to having your air ducts cleaned:

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Should I Clean Or Replace My Air Ducts?

May 27, 2015 1:07:27 PM


Keeping air ducts clean and clear is important in maintaining the air quality in your home. When dust accumulates in your ventilation system, trouble will occur. Some issues are highly visible, for example, the accumulation of excess dust on the furniture and fixtures in your home. Some issues, however, are less tangible. For example, when you or someone in your family experiences allergies that are worse than usual, it could be related to the air quality in your home, and thus,possibly to your ductwork. Replacing and repairing your duct system may solve your problem, but can be a costly and invasive process. Effectively cleaning your ducts may also have a positive effect, and at a much lower cost. If you know the type of ductwork you have and the problem that is affecting your system, you’ll know whether to replace the system or simply schedule an appointment to have it professionally cleaned.

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Tips for Keeping a Clean House

Jun 16, 2013 8:19:00 PM

Cleaning with a smileKeeping the house clean at all times can be a daunting task; with so many rooms to clean and so many different items to dust off. However, as tough as the task might look, you can put into practice small yet effective house-cleaning habits that will make that periodic complete makeover a lot easier. Here are a few tips for keeping a clean house:

1. Instead of leaving all your cleaning to be done on a specific day or time, try and do little bits of tidying up whenever you are free. For people who work from home, this is much easier to effect. If you work from a computer at home, do little bits of tidying up whenever you take a break from the computer.

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