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Carpet Cleaning Guide

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Apr 17, 2014 1:25:00 PM


Did you go out to buy an area rug just to cover up that stubborn stain you couldn’t get out on your living room carpet? Stains from drinks, food, or accumulated dirt may seem like a nightmare, unless you know how to properly remove them…and no, covering up the damage with a decorative rug doesn’t count! Prevention and knowing the right information for different types of stain removal will keep your carpet looking like new much longer.

Despite the difficult perception of carpet cleaning, carpet flooring is actually one of the easiest types of flooring to care for. If your home’s carpet needs some TLC, we can help you to restore those dull stains back into their former bright appearance. It’s important to understand that not all stains can be treated the same and while some carpets are stain resistant, they are not stain proof! Depending on the type of stain, whether water soluble or oil based, the cleaning technique will determine your best plan of action. Understanding the basics of cleaning the carpet will help to maintain the life of your carpet flooring. Clean carpets not only look better, but they are important for the health of the entire home. Dirt and allergens are easily trapped in the carpet and require regular cleaning with at least vacuum.

Even though we take precautions to prevent spills, they happen. Accidents can’t be stopped, but luckily they can be resolved. After a drink, for example, spills, our first instinct is to panic and aggressively rub the spill with a towel. Unfortunately, this quick reaction, although seems to make sense in the moment, isn’t going to help get the stain out. Rubbing and scrubbing only forces the substance deeper into the carpet fibers. Instead, dampen a clean, white cloth and blot the stain immediately. Remove as much of the liquid as possible with the damp towel, working from the outside in so that it doesn’t get spread around even more. Next, use carpet cleaner product, distilled white vinegar, clear dish washing detergent, hydrogen peroxide, or whatever cleaning solution you prefer on the stain and blot again. Do this as many times as necessary or let soak until the stain is gone. The key is to remove the stain before letting it dry! Once it dries it will become much harder to remove without professional help.

If the stain comes up, thoroughly vacuum the area to remove any dried residue and fluff up the carpet. If not, you may need to buy a stronger stain remover product and follow the instructions specific to that brand. Renting a cleaning machine is always another option, however, they are often more of a hassle than a help as they can malfunction if not used properly. There are several things to keep in mind if you do take the DIY approach. When choosing equipment to clean your carpet, make sure it has vacuum capabilities so that you can be sure the carpet is dry within 6 to 12 hours after the cleaning. Leaving the carpets damp too long will encourage mold and mildew growth or cause separation from the backing. Also, don’t use excessive cleaning detergent. The buildup of detergent residue often causes accelerated soiling. Unless you are confident in your ability to safely deep clean the carpets, turning to the carpet cleaning company professionals may be the best option for the future of your carpet flooring.

Having luxurious carpets doesn’t have to be as much work (or as expensive) as it may seem! The professionals at First Coast Home Pros are equipped to have the carpets in your Jacksonville home looking restored and fresh, with excellent service and the best cleaning techniques. Jacksonville homeowners trust the cleaning services offered by First Coast Home Pros over other brands because they trust the technicians, techniques and equipment used. While some spots may seem impossible to remove, with our training and expertise, we believe we have the best chances of successful removal. Our technologically advanced truck mounted equipment is what makes the difference in our work compared to other fly by night carpet cleaning companies in Jacksonville.

In addition to a professional cleaning once a year, or as needed depending on your home’s environment, implement these easy, proactive tips to improve the life of your carpets:

  • Place door mats at each entrance to the house to limit the amount of dirt that gets tracked into the house, or have guests remove shoes before entering. Also, be sure to clean these mats regularly or else they become counter-productive.
  • Occasionally change the placement of furniture. This will not only give the room a fresh look, it will help prevent severe pile crushing.
  • Use carpet protectors under heavy furniture, such as tables or chairs to help with the distribution of weight and limit damages.
  • Clean the area rugs regularly, as well as the carpet flooring beneath them.
  • Protect your area rugs and carpets from prolonged sunlight exposure.

Instead of cluttering up your home with more area rugs or constantly re-organizing the furniture to hide stains, call on the Jacksonville carpet cleaning professionals at First Coast Home Pros to do the dirty work for you if your stain removal attempts aren’t successful. You can trust that our team will work until you are happy with the results. For more information on spot cleaning or to schedule a free carpet cleaning estimate, click here.


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