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Cleaning Tips for Busy People

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Mar 20, 2021 12:11:53 PM

We just keep getting busier, and whether you’re spending more time than ever at your house or you’re swamped at the office, it’s hard to carve out time to clean the house.  Use our checklist here to keep your home tidy without spending endless hours doing so!

  1. Start by discarding. Regardless of which room you’re cleaning, start by going around and getting rid of anything that can be discarded.  Of course this means throwing away trash, but be sure to get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore.  Pack up a box to donate or have a garage sale if you have a lot of items you don’t need anymore, but don’t let them keep cluttering up your house.
  2. Work as a team. Your partner, older kids, roommates, and any others in your home can help out.  Anyone who lives under your roof contributes to the mess, so divide up the chores and have some fun cleaning up!  Even young kids can help pick up toys and books, and love to be given tasks to help. 
  3. Return items to where they belong. Spend a few minutes returning items to the room they belong in.  It’s best if everything has a “home,” so if you’re not sure where an extension cable or extra batteries, etc. should go, you might need to designate a drawer or area for it.
  4. Work from top to bottom. If you’re deep cleaning your house, this could mean getting a step ladder to dust the fan blades and tops of cabinets, but even if you’re not doing a total deep clean, you should still start at the highest point and work down, doing the floors last.
  5. Set a timer. Setting a timer is an effective way to get you and your team to work efficiently and not get burned out on an epic cleaning session.  You can set a timer for 30 minutes every afternoon, or even for 10 minutes every evening after dinner.  If it doesn’t get done by the time the alarm goes off, it doesn’t get done, so hustle!  You’d be amazed at how 10 minutes can transform a room.  In the kitchen, that’s enough time to sanitize and wipe down counters, fill up the dishwasher and run it, and spot sweep the floor, giving you instant peace of mind.  In bedrooms, simply making the bed and spending the remaining minutes putting away obvious clutter and clothes will make a tremendous difference.
  6. Let professionals help! Keeping your home clean is big job, and it’s tough to set aside time every day, or even every week to keep things orderly, much less to engage in spring cleaning, deep cleaning, or specialized cleaning tasks that need to get done.  A highly rated professional cleaning company can help you keep on top of your home’s cleaning and organization!  The best local maid service in your area can do anything from weekly maintenance cleaning, to detailed intensive deep cleaning, and everything in between.  Call on a good professional cleaning service and take some of the pressure off yourself!

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