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How To Make Spring House Cleaning Less Stressful

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Feb 24, 2015 5:02:13 PM

springcleaningIt’s that time of year again - time to say goodbye to the winter doldrums and welcome springtime with a thorough, top-to-bottom spring cleaning for your home!  Nothing welcomes spring like a clean house and open windows letting in the fresh air.  The end result is wonderful, but of course the actual tasks of spring cleaning can add up and become overwhelming and downright stressful.  We have several recommendations to reduce the stress of spring cleaning or eliminate it altogether.

Tip 1: Start early

A great way to take the stress out of spring cleaning is to start early.  When beautiful weather arrives, you’ll want to head outside to enjoy it rather than be stuck inside cleaning.  Look at the calendar and make a plan to check off all of your spring cleaning tasks before the first nice day is here.  

Tip 2: Create the right environment

Set the stage for spring cleaning and make it fun!  Turn up the music and sing along, or wait until the family is gone and clean in the quiet solitude.  Throw open the windows or light a few candles to combat the scent of cleaning solutions.  Spring cleaning can be a fun time if you find little ways to enjoy it.

Tip 3: Make a checklist

A checklist will help you determine the best order in which to do each cleaning task.  You can organize your checklist room by room, or task by task in order to maximize your efficiency.  For example, move all furniture pieces before you begin vacuuming so you don’t have to stop multiple times, and clean the kitchen sink before you mop the floor so you don’t have to stand on damp and newly-mopped floors to do so.  Another tart small and begin your spring cleaning checklist with a single task.  By starting small and checking something off right away, you’re less likely to become stressed and overwhelmed.

Tip 4: Hire the best professional house cleaning company

Hire the best full service cleaning company and take the stress out of spring cleaning entirely!  Think of spring cleaning as a major project, and think of your house cleaning team as the project managers.  At First Coast Home Pros, we have teams of house cleaning specialists who excel at routine cleaning and deep cleaning alike, and are highly trained to clean every surface in your home as thoroughly as possible.  We have all-inclusive project checklists for every home, which ensures that each cleaning task in each room gets done in the right order.  We make it easy for you to relax while we take care of everything.  Find the best local professional cleaners and the stress of spring cleaning disappears right along with the dirt and dust!

Your Spring House Cleaning Experts

Every season is spring cleaning season for First Coast Home Pros.  There are many Jacksonville FL cleaning companies to choose from, but First Coast Home Pros is best choice when you want high quality service and a sparkling clean home.  Every house cleaner on our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and highly trained to tackle deep cleaning, spring cleaning, or any type of cleaning you need. Many of our customers are too busy to clean their own homes and would rather trust the job to us.  Other customers simply prefer our level of thoroughness, attention to detail, and overall skill.  Spring and warm weather are coming to Northeast Florida, so if you live in downtown Jacksonville, Ortega, Fleming Island, Riverside Avondale, Jacksonville Beach, or nearby, we’ll take care of your spring cleaning and get your home ready for the season.

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