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Is it Beneficial to Seal Grout?

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jul 7, 2013 5:28:00 PM

BathroomWhether your floors are made of ceramic tiles or stone tiles, any tiled flooring requires grout. Grout is just the mortar-like putty used to keep ceramic tiles and other floor tiles in place. Once it dries up, it holds the tile in place like cement. But grout is very porous and collects dirt and also can wear out just like any other material, and so needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Over time, as it wears out, you may face problems like permanent discoloration if you don’t carry out periodic maintenance.

In the case of stone tiles, it can be small and need only minimal attention, but in the case of ceramic tiles, the it can be significant and need regular cleaning, and occasional resealing to prevent permanent discoloration. Your tiles are held in place, without getting chipped or cracked only by your grout. Your stone and grout cleaning Jacksonville company will seal and clean your grout for you. Your building contractor might use any one of two types of grout - either sanded or unsanded. While for the laying of stone tiles, unsanded grout is used, for ceramic and other tiles, sanded grout is used. Both types need to be sealed in, with resealing to maintain the grout which faces constant wear and tear.

The grout your contractor has used can be one of three types – cement based, polymer – modified or epoxy. All the three types can be either sanded or unsanded. The different types of material have different characteristics, and depending on that you have to decide on their cleaning and maintenance. The most important characteristic to decide on the cleaning and maintenance of your flooring is the porosity; this will determine the grout’s ability to absorb water, and therefore other forms of stainable liquids too. While the standard cement based material can absorb 12% of water and other liquids, epoxy absorbs zero percent and is impervious to water and other liquids. Hence it is sometimes considered the ideal for being used as grout, and for sealing your tile floors. But it is expensive and not quite easy to use as the other two types, and so is used predominantly in food preparation areas and hospitals to prevent any kind of leakages or contamination.

For the standard type of grout, made from cement or polymers, one ingredient is a type of fine sand that is meant to enhance the structural strength. This fine sand will leave a textured grout that can be hard to clean and seal. This means that the texture of the sand also has to be factored in, which will facilitate the settling of dirt and stains. The porous grout can also allow the seepage of water to the sub-layers and facilitate the growth of mold and mildew. To seal grout after you’ve finished cleaning it, an impregnating grout sealant is good, but we prefer a water based grout sealant whenever possible.

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