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Keep Grout Looking Great

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jun 15, 2022 3:16:33 PM

Tiled surfaces and flooring are a mainstay in many of our houses, and for good reason: tile comes in any color, pattern, and texture you could want for your home, and it’s generally easy to clean and maintain.  However, when you notice the tiles looking dull or the grout lines becoming dirty, dingy, or discolored, it’s time to take action.  Here are tips for keeping the tile and grout in your home in good shape:

  1. Lessen Moisture in the Air – When showering, always turn on the bathroom fan to keep the air circulating and to help with removing the moist air. Try to keep hot showers short so that less steam is generated.  The less moisture in the air is allowed to linger in the room, the less mildew and mold will be able to grow.
  2. Squeegee – Wipe down the tiled areas in your shower using a squeegee after each shower. This will remove the excess moisture and allow the tile and grout to dry faster.
  3. Regular Cleaning – Routinely clean your tile and grout. Grout is porous, and dirt, debris, and minerals build up in those tiny pores.  Tiled areas in the kitchen are susceptible to soil, debris, and grease, as well.  Find a good quality cleaning solution that is formatted to suspend the contaminants in the grout without damaging it and use the cleaner at least weekly, and daily in all high use areas.
  4. Deep Cleaning – Professional tile cleaning is the best way to keep your tile and grout in good shape. Great tile and grout cleaners know how to thoroughly clean these areas and can detect mold, mildew, and other bacteria and remove it. 
  5. Sealing – Hiring a great tile and grout cleaning company to seal your tile is another good way to protect it, make it easier to clean and maintain, and keep it looking great. Good professional tile cleaning technicians know the right products to use to safely seal the hard surfaces around your home, whether they’re ceramic tile, travertine, granite, or other tile or natural stone.

Keeping your shower tiles and grout clean is an important part of maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom and home at large.  When you find the best tile cleaning company in your area, you can call on the professionals any time you need them to get your bathroom in tip top shape!  There are many good tile cleaners in the area, and First Coast Home Pros is at the top of the list.  We’re the best tile and grout cleaning company Jacksonville FL residents have called on for over a decade, and it’s easy to see why: our pro tile cleaners are skilled and trained to deep clean the grout and tile in any bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, entryway, or other tiled area, leaving nothing but sparkling floors and surfaces!  If you live in Northeast Florida, including along the Beaches, Riverside, San Marco, Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, or downtown Jacksonville, give us a call and let us send the team out to freshen up your tile and grout right away!

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