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Posted by Josh Kennedy

Aug 23, 2013 10:02:00 AM

Homeowners in Jacksonville were the first to discover First Coast Home Pros, a housecleaning company that provides a cleaning service that homeowners clamored for. What started as a small family-owned business has grown into a leading professional cleaning company in North Florida. bigstock-yellow-rubber-gloves-and-windo-25909835

First Coast Home Pros was formed to fill the needs of the growing number of households in Duval County and other surrounding counties. The basis of the early business was to provide the very best household cleaning services possible. The goal was to establish a business that got back to the basics and completed the job done in the fashion of previous generations, when people like your parents and grandparents took pride in their homes and kept them clean and well-maintained. It seemed that over the years, house cleaning had become a lost art, a remnant of the past, having been succeeded by franchised cleaning companies whose goal was to get in and out of your home quickly. It was an experience that gave your home a light dusting instead of a complete deep cleaning.

The inside of your home is your personal space. Whoever you select to clean that space should be trustworthy, reliable and certainly accountable. You wouldn't feel comfortable hiring anyone with a criminal record. You want the same team of people who can be relied on to be in your home on a constant schedule to be determined by you.

What schedule works best for you?

    • Weekly

    • Biweekly

    • Monthly

Our Conclusions and Principles

    • Two person teams usually work best.

    • The staff must be trustworthy and dependable. All employees are screened thoroughly.

    • Training is important. The best cleaning techniques must be taught then followed.

    • Crews should have the finest & most dependable equipment.

    • Only top quality supplies and products are used.

    • Teams specialize in specific tasks.

    • The customer's schedule must be honored and maintained.

With these conditions set in place, First Coast Home Pros developed a list of services that appeal to Jacksonville homeowners. The most important segment is general housecleaning. This is an area in which they excel, largely due to the caliber of the people hired. Their teams consist of conscientious, responsible people who have a strong sense of family values, a trait that translates to great housekeeping ability. Their employees are a happy, positive group who regard the homeowner as family and treat their home with the utmost of care. Bonds are formed that last forever. Once you agree with the team choice, they will be your regular staff.

Besides the normal housekeeping chores, First Coast Home Pros also offers an array of other services such as:

    • Window Washing

    • Grout and Tile Cleaning

    • Chandelier Cleaning

    • Furniture Cleaning

    • Blind and Drapery Cleaning

    • Clean and Sanitize Air Vents

    • Clean Dyer Vents

First Coast Home Pros also developed teams of technicians to handle the outside maintenance requirements of homes. Florida heat and humidity is a breeding ground for mold and fungus that will appear on your driveway, roof and other outdoor surfaces. These specialized crews can perform the following tasks:

    • Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

    • Pressure Washing

    • Gutter Cleaning

    • Screen Repair and Replacement


There is a rush of activity in the housing market lately. That activity has prompted First Coast Home Pros to expand their services. You want to leave your home in pristine condition when you move out. The team at First Coast Home Pros will work together to give your home a thorough cleaning that will make it look like a model home.

They utilize special crews to clean carpets, windows, and tile floors and address any outdoor cleaning issues as well. It is a coordinated effort that will leave the home in near perfect condition. This is an invaluable service for landlords to prep their properties for new tenants.

New Home?

If you have purchased a new home in Jacksonville, these cleaning service specialists know where to find remnants of construction dust, sawdust and other accumulated construction debris. When they finish with your new home, it will sparkle. It will be move-in ready. This family-owned company made a commitment to their customers to be the best in their industry. Their focus is on treating each customer special. Their team is comprised of dedicated, skilled and well-trained individuals who have their own area of expertise. That's how they can say unequivocally that any job they do will be finished with a degree of proficiency unmatched in the Florida market.

First Coast Home Pros is fully insured and stands behind their work. Our goal and promise to you is that we will exceed your expectations. Every task we undertake is completed using the best equipment and best supplies. That's how we can give the best value for your dollars. Call us today for a free estimate on any of our services.

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