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No Excuse For Dirty Windows, No Matter Where They Are

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Nov 19, 2015 12:30:00 PM

Window cleaning is tough work, and the higher or more inconvenient the windows are, the tougher the job.  Of course, you can’t just leave the windows dirty.  When do you tackle the hard-to-reach windows, and when do you hire the professionals to do it? It’s hard enough to make time for a window cleaning DIY project.  It’s even harder to get excited for a window cleaning project when those windows are hard to reach.  Many homeowners set off to clean their windows, only to have their DIY plans foiled, and most opt to leave the job to a good professional window cleaning service, rather than deal with the following issues:

  • Window cleaning is a dirty job.  Even the easy-to-clean windows on your home’s exterior are going to be covered in residue.  Here in Northeast Florida, our warm and wet climate means that mildew will probably be an issue for your windows, in addition to the general grime that accumulates during the year.  Save the dirty work for the window washing team.

  • Window cleaning can be a dangerous job.  Any household task that requires the use of a ladder is inherently dangerous.  Depending on the size of your house and height of your windows, you may need to use a ladder and even set foot on the roof in order to make sure each window gets clean.  You can don your non-slip shoes and take the risk, or you can leave the job to the window cleaners, who are trained and experienced to handle and climb ladders.

  • Window cleaning is an annoying job.  The Florida flora and shrubbery that you love as landscaping can give you a headache when you try to navigate it while cleaning your windows.  The landscaping, patio furniture, and trees around your house will become a maze or obstacle course for you when it comes time to clean the windows, adding time and frustration to the job.  The best professional window cleaners are used to this, and will treat your home and property with care as they move around your house and yard.  

  • Window cleaning requires specific tools and materials.  To do the job right, you need squeegees and a bucket, window cleaning solution, microfiber cloths, and the right size ladder for your home.  This is a short list of materials, and many homeowners have them on hand.  Don’t take shortcuts and speed through the job, or you won’t be happy with the results.  For example, it’s tempting to rent pressure washing equipment to clean your windows, but this will likely ruin them.  Pressurized water will shatter glass and dent screens, so avoid the temptation and simply set aside the adequate time for the job.  

Screen_Shot_2015-11-18_at_12.10.50_PM.pngIt’s easy to see why homeowners prefer to call professional window cleaners.  Many of our clients live in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, and it is tough to maneuver ladders in the typical downtown setting.  Other clients live along Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and St. Augustine, and their windows get coated in salt and sand residue, making window cleaning a frequent chore.  Our clients in Riverside Avondale and San Marco live in historic homes, and the windows can be tricky to clean if they are small or non-traditional in shape, hard to reach, or even made of leaded glass.

The Best Window Cleaning Company Jacksonville Fl
Nobody cleans windows like we do!  It takes skill to achieve that crystal clear shine, and at First Coast Home Pros, we specialize in giving that shine to every window on your home.  Our technicians are extensively trained, highly skilled, and use only the best cleaning solutions and methods in the industry.  We offer a level of customer service and skilled work that our clients not only love, but rely on.  Save yourself the hassle and risk of cleaning those impossible windows, and call on us!

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