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Pressure Washing: A Job For The Professionals

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jun 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Everyone enjoys the occasional do-it-yourself home improvement project.  Nowadays, there are countless home improvement shows on tv, and how-to articles online, and it’s easy for a homeowner to rent or buy the equipment needed, look up a few tips, and achieve pretty good results.  With pressure washing, however, that is not always the case.  Here’s why:

  • Cost: Pressure washing equipment and supplies are expensive.  To rent a good pressure washing system will cost a minimum of $40 or $50, and to buy the equipment costs quite a bit more.  Even the cleaning solutions you need can add up, especially if the surface you’ll be cleaning is vast or especially soiled.  You’ll also need to pick up safety goggles and protective rain gear, if you don’t already have them.  Pressure washing is always wet work, and you’ll need to outfit yourself accordingly.  If you hire a great pressure washing service, of course the technicians will do the dirty work and you can stay dry inside doing something else.
  • Danger: Pressure washing can be dangerous.  Climbing tall ladders, and crawling and walking on slick, wet surfaces are dangerous feats for novices.  Beyond that, the pressure washing equipment itself can be awkward to maneuver and downright dangerous to handle.  Power is gauged in pounds per square inch (PSI), and many pressure washers are capable of 3,000 PSI or more.  Serious injury can occur if a stream of water at 3,000 PSI comes into contact with your skin.  
  • Damage: Pressure washing can cause more damage than good when the tools are in the wrong hands.  Many pressure washers are powerful enough to erode cement, dent metal siding, and punch holes in vinyl.  Without a bit of guidance and training, you can do some harm to your home.  Instead, go with a team of great professional pressure washers.  The best pressure washing companies invest in the training of their employees and make sure each one has the experience needed to properly clean each type of home effectively, and perhaps even more importantly, safely.  
  • Time: Your time is valuable, and a DIY pressure washing job can take a big chunk out of your weekend.  At best, pressure washing is a wet and time-consuming chore.  Save your weekends for fun and family, and leave the pressure washing to the best professional power washing service in your area.  

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