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Roof Cleaning Methods Defined and Which is Best

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Dec 20, 2013 12:43:00 PM

roof cleaning JacksonvilleCongratulations on your new home! It’s bright and clean and just what you wanted. But, as we all know, time goes by and things begin to change. With regular maintenance, you should be able to keep your yard and siding looking new, but your roof may begin to develop dark brown or green streaks over time. While some of this is dirt, dust and pollen, much of it is lichen and algae. And while the dirt may wash off the next time it rains, the algae is there to stay. This can make your home look much older and detract from the overall appearance. Not only that, but algae and lichen can shorten the lifespan of your roof, causing you to replace your shingles more often. If you notice your roof beginning to look streaked and dark, you might want to consider roof cleaning Jacksonville FL with First Coast Home Pros.

Cleaning your roof isn’t something you want to make a quick decision about. Many cleaning services offer roof cleaning, but, in many instances, choosing the wrong one can void the warranty on your shingles and even damage the underlayers of the roof. In other cases, strong chemicals can damage the adhesive that holds particles to the shingles and kill the vegetation around your home. Picking the correct method can help lengthen the life of your roof and save you money.

There are three main types of roof cleaning Jacksonville FL and a large debate on which to use.

High Pressure Wash

High pressure wash involves a machine that pressurizes water. Using hoses and specially-designed wands with a trigger, the user points the water at the mess, expecting it to disappear. While this might be a good idea for some areas of your home, it isn’t for your roof. High pressure washes dislodge particles in the shingles and cause them to age quicker. Because high pressure washing is not recommended by shingle manufacturers, this kind of cleaning may void your warranty if your shingles fail.

Chemical or Non-Pressure Wash

Chemical or non-pressure washes are those that spray a chemical (usually sodium hydroxide or lye) on the roof to remove lichen and algae. While this method doesn’t dislodge the particles in the shingles, it can still damage them. Many times, the adhesive on the shingles are damaged and the particles that protect your roof fall away. Many of these chemicals will also damage your plants surrounding the house as it washes off, leaving you to deal with dead spots in the yard.

Low-Pressure Wash

Low-pressure wash combines the best elements of both high pressure and chemical washes without damaging your roof or the surrounding area. By using a battery operated sprayer, technicians spray cleansers approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) and then wash it off with a low pressure hose. This process leaves your roof clean without damaging your home. In most instances, this type of cleaning lasts longer than high pressure and non-pressure washes.

Don’t be fooled by other competitors who charge a lower price for cleaning your roof. You might save some money now, but, in the long run, you will be paying more.

First Coast Home Pros uses only a low pressure wash recommended by ARMA. Our roof cleaning services can safely clean a variety of roofs: asphalt, fiberglass, and wood shingles; ceramic, concrete and barrel tiles; slate; rubber, and metal roofs. The biodegradable detergent will not harm your roof or your yard. First Coast Home Pros offers a variety of cleaning services including roof cleaning Jacksonville FL. They can advise you on the best method to clean your home, inside and out.


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