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Simple Speed Cleaning Checklists

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jun 21, 2018 1:31:21 PM

cleaningSpeed Cleaning” is growing in popularity.  After all, by spending only a few minutes tidying each room in the house, you can stay on top of the housework, maintain a clean home, and devote more of your personal time to the things that matter.  Here are our simple speed cleaning checklists to help you get started. Plan to spend 5-20 minutes on each room and add (or remove) steps to each checklist depending on the specific needs of your own home.


  • Prepare a sink of soapy water and soak all dirty dishes
  • While dishes are soaking, spray all countertops with disinfectant spray and wipe them down
  • Wipe down the stove top and backsplash
  • Unload the dishwasher if necessary, and quickly load the dishes from the sink
  • Hand wash pots and pans
  • Wipe down the sink and faucet
  • Spot sweep crumbs
  • Take out the trash


  • Squirt toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and let it sit
  • Spray and quickly wipe down the tub, sinks, faucets and handles, and countertop
  • Spray the inside of the shower with a mildew inhibitor
  • Spray the mirror with glass cleaner and wipe it down
  • Scrub the toilet bowl
  • Wipe down the toilet seat and surrounding area


  • Make the bed
  • Fold or hang clothes, and put away any toys, books, etc.
  • Use a duster or dry rag to quickly dust all surfaces, including nightstand, dresser, headboard, bookshelves, and frames

Living Room, Dining Room, Office:

  • Fluff cushions and fold throws and blankets
  • Use a duster or dry rag to quickly dust all surfaces, including electronics
  • Use a damp rag to wipe down all furniture
  • Tidy any surfaces such as a coffee table, end table, or desk by straightening books, magazines, mail, and paperwork
  • Spot sweep or use a hand vacuum to collect any dust bunnies or crumbs

Remember that speed cleaning is only maintenance cleaning… you’ll need to devote more time to deep cleaning and specialized tasks.  Or, you can call on a great house cleaning company to do the cleaning for you! Deep cleaning, Spring cleaning, maintenance cleaning, and yes – even speed cleaning – can be too much for anyone who already has a full schedule.  First Coast Home Pros is the best professional house cleaning service Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on to keep their homes sanitized and sparkling! Our maid service and highly rated house cleaning teams are known throughout Northeast Florida for treating each home as if it were our own and providing a truly outstanding level of clean.  Treat your family and your home to First Coast Home Pros!

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