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Tips For Hiring The Best House Cleaning Service

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jun 16, 2016 6:30:00 AM

Your days are filled with responsibilities.  Getting the kids ready for school, taking care of the dog, running errands, etc., often all need to be done before you head into the office to work a full 8-hour day.  When you get home, the last thing you should have to worry about is cleaning the house.  Make your life easier by hiring the best professional house cleaning company in your area!

The following tips will help you make sure you are finding the best possible maid service for your home:

  • Free in-home estimate - To begin, you’ll want to meet face to face with someone from the company in order to get the most accurate quote for the house cleaning work that is to be done.  Find a good maid service that offers these in-home estimates for free to all homeowners within its service area.  
  • Background check - The house cleaners you hire will be inside your home regularly, and you need to have assurance that each one is trustworthy.  If the company does not perform background checks on its employees, move on and find a company that does.  
  • Licensed and insured - Protect your home by making sure the cleaning company maintains proper liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for its employees.
  • Cleaning supplies provided - A great house cleaning team will stock high quality cleaning solutions, and will bring them to your house when they come to clean.
  • Training - Without adequate training, a new house cleaner could scratch a surface, or use the wrong cleaning solution on the countertop and damage it.  The best professional maid services invest in their employees by offering training and experience to countermand these risks and ensure each homeowner is getting the best possible results.
  • Customized cleaning - A good maid service will work with you to build a cleaning schedule and plan especially for you and your home.  This plan should include the time and day the team will arrive, and what exactly will be cleaned and how.  You may want a one-time deep cleaning, or you may want a team to come bimonthly, or even every Friday.  Whatever your wants and needs are, a great house cleaner will work with you to make sure they are met.
  • Familiar faces - It’s frustrating when a different team shows up at your house every week to clean.  A hallmark of a great service company is that it will send the same team to your home time after time.  This way, you can get to know the cleaners, and they can get to know your preferences.  
  • Client-centered service - Avoid the supersized cleaning companies and find a client-centered operation that is focused on quality service and outstanding customer care.  

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When you find a professional house cleaning company that meets this criteria, you’re set!  If you live in downtown Jacksonville, San Marco, Riverside Avondale, Mandarin, Ortega, Ponte Vedra Beach, or anywhere else in Northeast Florida, the choice is easy: First Coast Home Pros.  Our award-winning house cleaning service is in high demand.  Our house cleaners are highly trained, experienced, efficient workers, who will clean your home top to bottom, exactly the way you want it done.  We are highly selective of who we ask to join our company, and we vet each candidate thoroughly.  Background checks are required, and we only hire friendly, positive professionals who have a passion for customer service and a knowledge of what it means to make a house truly clean.  If you’re looking for the best Jacksonville FL maid service, you found us!  Call today and let us get started making a customized cleaning plan for your home.  You’ll love what we do!


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