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Tips for Maintaining Upholstered Furniture

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Sep 1, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Maintaining upholstered furniture is easy to do while following these few simple steps. They do not take much time and you will keep your sofa looking great year after year.

Choose the Right Fabric

Where will the furniture be located, in a well-traveled area or in an area exposed to direct sunlight? Furniture pieces subject to daily heavy wear need to be covered in tough, durable, tightly woven fabrics.


Turn the Cushions

Change the cushions around from one side to the other in addition to turning them over. Some seats get more usage than others, so changing cushions around will ensure even usage.


Vacuum your upholstered furniture weekly for general cleaning and to remove surface soil. This also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers. You can also use a brush to gently whisk the dirt away. Use a soft bristled brush so that you don't snag the fabric.

Spot Clean

While regular care does a lot for your upholstered furniture's maintenance, accidents will happen. Blot any spills immediately with a clean folded towel.

Call a Professional

It is best to have a professional clean your upholstered furniture every couple of years or so. Experts recommend having this done on a regular basis and not wait for it to get visibly dirty. The dirtier a sofa or chair becomes, the harder it is to restore to its original state.

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