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5 Big Differences Between an Individual House Cleaner and a Professional House Cleaning Service

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Nov 30, 2017 11:19:17 AM

Finding the right house cleaner for your home is a big decision.  Some homeowners choose to hire an individual worker to clean the house, while many other homeowners rely on a team of professional cleaners to do the work.  All homeowners want the same result - a clean home - but depending on whether you hire an individual or a team of professionals to clean your house, you may have very different experiences.

Here are some things to consider when deciding who to hire to clean your home.

  • Training: Training is an area where you’ll find significant differences between an individual cleaner and a team of professional cleaners.  A great house cleaning company will send its employees through a rigorous training program to make sure each employee understands all types of cleaning solutions, knows which to use on what surfaces and which would damage a certain surface, how to apply them, and methods for cleaning a room quickly and thoroughly.  A good cleaning company will ensure its workers are knowledgeable and skilled before sending them into a customer’s home.  On the other hand, an individual cleaner might have to learn these methods on the fly.  Many individual house cleaners use the client's’ own cleaning supplies.  If the individual has never used a certain kind of cleaner, or worked on a unique type of surface, he or she will need to learn how to, perhaps at your expense.  
  • Cost: An individual house cleaner almost always costs less than a professional cleaning company.  Often, this difference in cost is the allure of hiring an individual.  However, just as it is with many other services and goods, the cheaper option can come at a “cost” to you.  An individual cleaner is often able to charge less by foregoing insurance, licensure, or other such requirements, and using the cleaning supplies of the homeowner, rather than stocking his or her own.  A great professional cleaning company might cost more, but you’ll be paying for the security, skill and training, insurance, and assurance of a job well done.
  • Legal Issues: If you choose to hire an individual cleaner, you may be seen by the IRS as that person’s employer and would need to provide an I-9 form, or Employment Eligibility Verification Form.  You may also need to supply a Publication 926, according to the Household Employer’s Tax Guide.  These situations can become complicated for an unsuspecting homeowner.  For instance, you may be required to withhold and pay your cleaner’s Federal Income, Social Security, and more.  If this is a worry to you, hire a professional house cleaning service, whose employees are protected under their W-2 status.  The employer will have performed a background check for each employee and will have the correct strictures in place regarding income, withholding, and the other issues a homeowner should not have to worry about.
  • Insurance Issues: Professional cleaning companies are structured to be able to protect both the employees and the customers in case personal possessions are damaged, in case a cleaner is injured on your property, etc.  It’s hard to know if an individual cleaner would be able to cover the cost of repairing or replacing a personal belonging, and if he or she were injured on the job, your insurance may be liable.  
  • Quality of Work: A professional housekeeping service provides the structured training, hours of earned experience, organization and accountability, and protection for both the homeowner and the employee.  These things culminate in high quality cleaning, and service you can depend on.  After all, a house cleaning company can send a backup if your regular cleaner is sick when you need a cleaning the day before a big party.  If your cleaning individual gets sick, your house might not get cleaned, and if complications arise with the legal employment issues, you may have a large scale issue on your hands, when all you wanted was a clean house.

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