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5 Signs Your Upholstered Furniture Needs To Be Professionally Cleaned

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jan 21, 2014 12:05:00 PM

upholstery cleaning Jacksonville, FLEveryone loves the look and smell of a clean home, especially regarding furniture. Deciding when is the right time to clean you furnishings is a personal choice based on individual preferences. Certain types of furniture really absorb odor and pet dander, even if it's not covered in dog hair. Allergens can also collect and irritate certain individuals if upholstery is not properly maintained in a routine manner. Below is a list of five signs that you should get your upholstery cleaning done by a professional service in Jacksonville, Florida.

Fuzzy Furniture                               

Generally speaking, if you own a dog or two and your armchair has become as furry as a grizzly bear, you're probably overdue for a cleaning. Vacuums don't easily strip off pet hair, especially regarding loose dog hair. A little is always left behind each time you try to clean your furniture. Also, since dogs that shed commonly lie on furniture, removing the hair only leaves the furniture with a dirty appearance.  

Lint brushes are great for peeling off lint and pet hair, but, as with a vacuum, the brush won't nab everything. Even if you used a combination of both a vacuum and a lint brush, there will still be some surviving pet hair (and of course all of the dirt and bacteria you won't be able to see), which is why you should invest in a professional upholstery cleaning service.  

Increase in Allergies

If it seems like your nose won't stop running, your eyes are itchy and/or you can't stop sneezing, it could be due to an allergic flair up from pet dander. Many people are allergic to dogs and cats, but as long as the pet dander is kept to a minimum, allergies usually aren't a problem for most who have them.  

Bacteria and germs can also thrive in furniture fabrics. These occur when food spills, if a child has an accident on it, and in some cases, these germs can simply transfer off of clothing from guests.  


Over the years, furniture can accumulate stains. Dogs and cats can leave them and so can kids (even if they are just visiting). It's bound to happen eventually. Since some stains can be tricky to remove on certain fabric types, it's safer to rely on a professional than to try any do-it-yourself cleaning products. It is by far safer and more affordable to have furniture spot-treated and cleaned than it is to go out and by a whole new furniture set. Discoloration is another problem that a professional cleaner may be able to alleviate in an attempt to restore your furniture to its former state. Sunlight is the culprit in most cases of discoloration, but even frequent use can wear down the fabric.


If you walk into your living room and smell something odd and kind of dirty, chances are it's the odor or odors rising from your upholstered furniture. No one wants to entertain guests if the home smells funky. Furniture can accumulate odors more quickly if you have pets, but even without furry four-legged friends, furniture will eventually become smelly over time if not deodorized by a professional Jacksonville, FL upholstery cleaning company. 

A Better Appearance

Most newer furniture comes with a protector, but this protector wears off over time, leaving the fabric with an increased vulnerability to stains, wear, and color fading. Professional upholstery cleaners in Jacksonville, FL can restore this protector to increase your furniture's longevity and improve the appearance of the interior of your home.

Upholstery cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida is so convenient and easy to afford that many people can choose to have their furniture maintained through routine cleanings. Why wait until your furniture gets visibly dirty before calling the professionals? Pet dander and other allergens aren't noticeable to the naked eye. For a better overall home appearance and a cleaner atmosphere, it's ideal to have your furniture cleaned periodically throughout the years.

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