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Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Nov 11, 2013 8:59:00 AM

bigstock-Mother-And-Son-Doing-Laundry-5123213As your child grows older, their responsibilities grow in number as well. These responsibilities can be both at home and in the community, but in general they first manifest as housekeeping chores, which in the Jacksonville area exist both outside and inside the home. When choosing appropriate chores for your child, there are many considerations that must first take place before any can be allowed.

It's important for your child to be presented with tasks according to their development for numerous reasons. The primary reason is, of course, the safety of your child. Always supervise your child while he or she is attempting new or difficult tasks, and have proximity at all times when your child is using potentially dangerous equipment, even when they come more proficient with its use.

Chores are a way to teach your child accountability and the value of honest labor. Having your child earn an allowance through consistent and age-appropriate Jacksonville housekeeping tasks will teach your child useful life skills as well as encourage them to understand the value of money. It's pivotal to consider housekeeping Jacksonville-related tasks and their availability to your children.

When considering the suggestions presented throughout this article, be sure to consider the functional level of your child and any special safety concerns present in and outside your home as additional variables.


At even two to three years old, your child is capable of performing some minor housekeeping that will encourage them to at minimum keep their own areas tidy. At any age, it's important to praise your child for doing well in their performance, but especially so at this young, crucial age when the concept of being responsible is likely foreign. At this age, avoid giving your child access to any potentially dangerous chemicals. Some duties that may be appropriate for your child include at this age:

  • picking up / putting away toys
  • unloading the dishwasher
  • dusting with a rag
  • putting clothes in the dirty clothes basket
  • collecting dirty clothes
  • moving clothes from the washer to the dryer
  • putting clothes away
  • making his or her bed
  • wiping cabinets
  • wiping baseboards with soapy water only


From four to five years of age, your child is still capable of performing all previous house duties, in addition to perhaps having some newer, more challenging housekeeping duties available. It's at this age that children typically can begin to use common household machines common to Jacksonville and across the country, such as dishwashers and vacuums, with supervision. Typically by five years, your child is capable of also cleaning with some household chemicals as well, provided they are only provided as needed and in minimal amounts. Some housekeeping that may be appropriate for your child include at this age:

  • loading the dishwasher
  • vacuuming the couch / chairs / cushions
  • taking out the recycling
  • setting and clearing the table
  • washing dishes with close supervision
  • cleaning windows
  • taking out recycling
  • wiping out the bathroom sinks
  • matching socks
  • folding dishing towels
  • weeding gardens or flower beds
  • watering indoor plants and feeding pets

Early Elementary

From ages six to eight, your child will gain a marked increase in autonomy and decision making. In addition, a sheer increase in size, strength and fine motor control will open up many new duties that previously they were unable to do due to physical constraints. Note that at these ages, your child will begin to receive increasing amounts of homework that will require their attention, so make sure to balance those necessities with any chores you require of your child. Some duties that may be appropriate for your child include at this age:

  • meal preparation (including washing produce, arranging ingredients and simple cutting) with close supervision
  • wiping down the bathroom sink, counters and toilets
  • hanging out laundry
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  • collecting garbage
  • getting mail
  • folding / hanging laundry
  • cleaning the microwave
  • raking leaves


At ages nine to eleven, your child will likely gain the ability to use household cleaners without them being doled out as needed, but they will still require supervision. Your child may also be better acquainted with appropriate hygiene needs when it comes to food preparation. Some tasks that may be appropriate for your child include at this age:

  • making simple meals
  • taking garbage / recycling to the curb
  • washing / drying clothes
  • cleaning toilets
  • mopping floors

Middle School

From ages twelve to fourteen, your child likely now possesses a great deal of self-direction and competent decision making skills. Although, as a parent, you should always take into account your child's level of maturity, your child is likely capable of even directing the housekeeping of younger siblings. Some chores that may be appropriate for your child include at this age:

  • cleaning the tub / shower
  • making full meals and meal plans
  • cleaning the refrigerator / freezer 
  • mowing the yard

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