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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jul 9, 2014 10:01:00 AM

bigstock-Bulldog-Puppy-With-Broom-6572804Pets are a wonderful addition to the lives of millions of people. They bring unconditional love and acceptance. Unfortunately, they also bring messes. Knowing how to clean up pet-related messes is a part of owning a cat or dog. Here are cleaning tips for pet owners you can use to keep your home clean while enjoying your furry companion.

Pet Hair Everywhere

Pets shed hair. That is a given. The easiest way to handle shedding is to brush your cats and dogs down regularly. For breeds that don't shed that much, once a week is usually enough. The breeds that shed at higher rates require brushing multiple times a week. Do it outside when possible to keep the hair from inside the house.

Pet hair can seem like it is stuck with glue to upholstery and draperies. The first step is to use a vacuum upholstery attachment to get up any loose hair. This will give you a true idea of where the most problematic areas are.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Run your gloved hands over the surface that has pet hair on it. The gloves will attract a ton of hair because of built-up static electricity. When you have accumulated a lot of hair on the glove, clean it and go back at it again.

Cleaning Your Carpet

When pets walk across or lay down on the carpet, their hair is going to land on it. Most of the hair will come up when you vacuum. However, some hairs will become embedded into the carpet fibers. Those require special attention to remove them. These cleaning tips will help.

  • Get a sponge mop that you will use only for cleaning pet hair up from the carpet. You will also need a spray bottle of water. Lightly mist the mop head with water. Do not soak it. Drag the sponge mop across the carpet. The pet hair should start to clump up. You can use a vacuum to pick up the the clumps.

  • When dealing with fresh pet stains, time is critical. Use paper towels to soak up as much urine as possible. Use a scraper to remove any solid material. Try not to smear it into the carpet fibers if possible. Use clear water to clean the area of any remaining materials. Use a pet neutralizer to remove any odors.

Handling Pet Hair in Vents

The vents for your heating and cooling system are favorite places for pet hair to accumulate. They will catch on the vent fins and can diminish air flow when enough accumulates. Use these cleaning tips to remove the hair.

  • Use a vacuum brush attachment to remove the loose hair.

  • Then take a long flat duster and go into each fin to remove the dust.

  • Be sure to check the HVAC air filters to ensure they are not clogged with pet hair.

  • Change them or clean them as needed.

Getting Pet Hair Out of Dryer Vents

Pet hair clings to clothes and that hair can end up clogging up your dryer vent. Use these cleaning tips to keep the vent clear.

  • Always clean the lint trap in between loads.

  • Once or twice a year, clean out the dryer vent. You can get a special attachment for your vacuum cleaner that you can use to get to the deepest depths of the dryer vent.

  • The better option, though, is to get a professional to clean it out.

Removing Pet Odors

Pet odors tend to linger. Family members can get used to the smell. However, guests often get hit in the face with the smell of dog or cat. Here are a few simple cleaning tips for keeping pet odor to a minimum.

  • Vacuum and dust the house often. This will remove pet hair and odor at the same time.

  • Give your pet a bath periodically. This is especially important for dogs. The dirt that lingers in their fur can create a distinct odor.

  • Clean and deodorize the cat litter box once a week. Keep on top of cleaning it out daily.

  • Wash pet bedding once every week or two. Vacuum areas where they tend to lay frequently.

Hire Professionals

Handling immediate issues, such as fresh pet stains, is something a pet owner needs to do. However, handling the deep cleaning and long-term pet cleaning issues, you will want to bring in a professional cleaning company.

Professional cleaners have the equipment, cleaning solutions, and expertise to get rid of the built-up pet hair and to handle pet stains, no matter where they occur. The first clean will be deep, getting your home bright and clean. After that, they can clean up the pet hair and messes quickly, so your home remains fresh.

Hire a local Jacksonville, FL, cleaning company to handle your pet-related messes. It will save you time and aggravation, while making your home more comfortable.

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