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Holiday Cleaning Check List

Posted by Nathan McKay

Nov 22, 2013 10:30:00 PM

window cleaningThe 5 Day Holiday Scour

This checklist was created by First Coast Home Pros to provide professional quality results for home cleaning service in Jacksonville. If you have the time and all the materials, you can do all or just part of it.

Day 1:

      • Laundry

      • Mopping

      • Window washing

Today you're going to start by washing towels and bed sheets, if you are going to have overnight guests. Depending on what time of day you like to work outside, you can do window washing second or third. Be sure to not only power wash your windows, but vacuum the screens from dust and residue to create a 'like-new' appearance. Make sure to damp mop the wood, tile, or linoleum in your home on this day.

Day 2:

    • Thoroughly clean the bathrooms

    • Prepare the bedrooms

While a home cleaning service in Jacksonville can do a thorough job with this part, if you have the time and the cleaning materials, this step is one that can be done well by a homeowner.

Start by doing a deep cleaning of the bathrooms. Start with the showers and bathtubs. Bleach and scour all surfaces or use a similar cleaning product of your choice. Clean the counters, giving special attention to fixtures.

Next get out the old brush and deep cleaning solution and thoroughly clean the bowl of every toilet. Finally, take everything out of the medicine cabinets. Clean every bottle, every shelf, and wipe the mirrors.

Go into the bedrooms, and remove the clutter or boxes if that room has become temporary storage when it isn't the holidays. Be sure that all laundry and mess has been stowed away or processed properly.

Day 3:

    • Empty and clean refrigerator

    • Clean grates and stove surfaces

    • Wipe down appliances

    • Wipe down exteriors

Now is the time to get the kitchen ready to prepare a feast and accommodate a family. Start by emptying the refrigerator of old food and cleaning the interior thoroughly. Be sure to also dust the top of the refrigerator as well.

Scour the stove, oven, and other sooty or dirty cooking appliances. Also wipe down appliances as well as cabinet exteriors to make everything look new.

Day 4:

    • Dust pictures and knickknacks

    • Thoroughly clean kitchen sinks

    • Prepare entryways

    • Decorate for the holidays!

Start by dusting all pictures on the walls, the tops of bookshelves and art, ceiling fans, and anything and everything else you can think of. If it is a thing, and it has dust, get it!

Next, sweep the doorway, the entryway, the driveway, and make everything presentable. Next, thoroughly clean kitchen sinks with a strong cleaning solution, and clean and disinfect the garbage disposal.

Lastly, decorate your home for the holidays. It was wise to wait until this point because imagine how hard it would be to dust those knickknacks behind your Christmas tree.

The Night Before:

Time to get everything together to create a home that says to all its guests, "Welcome!" This is another phase that can be done by a homeowner, but many people are so busy getting things together and picking up relatives, that they often relegate this function to a reliable Jacksonville home cleaning service.

Time for one more vacuuming of the carpets and dry mopping of the wood floors, followed by wiping down bathrooms and cleaning the toilets one more time. Put out fresh soap and hand towels.

Next, go into the living room and bedrooms to make the guests beds, and fluff pillows. Lastly, empty trash cans and add fresh bags. Great job cleaning your house for the holidays!

You Don't Have to do it Alone!

This holiday cleaning checklist can be daunting if handled alone, or if you don't have some of the equipment. Fortunately, you can hire a quality home cleaning service in Jacksonville that does everything listed above.

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