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Move Out Cleaning: How to Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jan 9, 2014 11:32:00 AM

move out cleaning Jacksonville, FLIf there is cigarette smoke in your residence and you are moving out (or moving in) it is very important to remove the smell first. Lingering cigarette smoke can cause you to lose your deposit or can bring down what you residence is worth.

A common mistake made by most people is to spray excessive amounts of air freshener and hope that it will rid the residence of cigarette smoke. This is good for an immediate fix, but it will not get rid of the cigarette smoke smell. Air fresheners will only cover up the smell and mask it for a brief period of time.


The first thing you should do to begin move out cleaning in your Jacksonville, FL home to clear the air is to open the windows. This alone will not remove the smell but this will let some fresh air in. If it is windy outside that is even better, because the breeze will help to circulate the air throughout the house. Along with the windows being open, you should purchase an air purifier and set it up immediately. It is recommended to set up the air purifier in the room with the worst cigarette smell and get to the source of the problem. 

Next is the cleaning part. First Coast Home Pros offer a variety of different move out cleaning services in Jacksonville FL if you are unable to do all of the work yourself. You will need to clean the residence from top to bottom, but there are specific things that need more attention. First, start with the ceilings. The ceiling is maybe the worst culprit since smoke rises and collects on the ceiling. The walls suffer the same problem, so you will want to clean the walls and the ceiling at the same time. If after you have cleaned the walls or ceiling and they still carry an odor, a fresh coat of paint may be your last option to make sure the smell does not linger. 

You will then need to clean your carpet thoroughly with a strong carpet cleaner, such as a steam cleaner. Carpets are main culprits for trapping cigarette smoke so it is very important to put a lot of work into cleaning the carpet. If, after you have cleaned, the smell still lingers in the carpet you may have to contact the professionals who know the best move out cleaning strategies in Jacksonville, FL to finish the job for you. 

Now it is time to move onto the furniture, which will be holding onto the foul cigarette odor as well. Direct sunlight is very good for ridding your furniture of the cigarette smell, so the first step is to place your furniture where it can get as much direct sunlight as possible. Ideally, it would be best to place the furniture outside, but if that is not an option place near a window. You can look up a recipe to make a vinegar spray and treat the furniture with it, or you can sprinkle baking soda on the furniture and let it sit for 72 hours. Either way will help to get rid of the foul odor. Be sure to check to make sure these solutions are safe for your specific kinds of furniture before you begin.

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