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Pressure Washer Safety Tips

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jan 3, 2014 11:11:00 AM

pressure washing driveway Jacksonville, FLWhen your house is ship shape and looking its best, you enjoy arriving home. You just can’t help it! You catch yourself smiling every time you see your beautiful home and find yourself looking forward to your next return. Pressure washing the outside of your house is a great way to keep your home looking new and attractive.

If you choose to perform the laborious chore yourself, please take care, as you can potentially injure yourself and damage your property. The name itself, "pressure washer," is a clear indication that a lot of pressure is used. Should you spray your bare feet, you can seriously hurt yourself. And, if you have the setting too high, you can dig holes into your siding, deck, roof and even your driveway and sidewalks.

There are a few safety tips that you really should know prior to buying or renting a pressure washer.

  • DO NOT spray people or animals, even on the lightest setting.
  • Do yourself a favor and stay off the roof. Hire a professional to do a proper roof cleaning.
  • Allow for double the time you expect it to take the first time you pressure wash. Set up and break down requires effort, and you do not want to rush those. Time is also added by the constant need to adjust the hoses and power cords while moving around the deck or house.
  • If you are using a gas powered washer, you must check the level of the engine oil before each use. Should the oil run out during use, you might not hear the change in the pitch of the engine, as the spraying of the water can be a bit loud. If the oil reservoir should become dry, your very expensive piece of machinery can be destroyed. And when adding oil, do so only when the engine is off. Be sure to add just the right amount, as too little can damage the engine and too much can cause smoking. It will also foul the spark plugs and saturate the air filter. Starting up the engine again will also become more laborious.
  • DO NOT disassemble while the machinery is running or pressurized. Turn off the power, turn off the water supply, then you may begin to disassemble the washer. Going in the wrong order could cause serious damage to you and your property, not to mention the device itself. This includes spray tips; do not change them when powered up.
  • Always make sure the water is hooked up before turning on the washer. Not doing so will severely damage the unit.
  • WEAR SHOES. Though mentioned above, this cannot be stressed too much. Even just a glancing blow across your feet can rip holes through your skin to your bones.
  • Please, when pressure washing your Jacksonville, FL home, read the operator’s manual and all of the instructions.  
  • Most of these washers have some serious pressure. When holding the spray gun, always make sure you are well balanced. Firmly hold onto the wand before pressing the trigger. You will be pushed backward somewhat, so when on the deck, refrain from working on the edges until you are used to working with it.
  • When pressure washing your Jacksonville, FL home, make sure the water source has good pressure. Also, check the equipment regularly. A machine can be damaged when the supplying hose is coiled, so the water does not flow properly.
  • Stay off ladders and scaffolding. It is too easy to become unbalanced, not only from waving around the spray gun and having to adjust the hoses and power cords, but also from the pressure of spray gun itself and from the pressure of the water bouncing off the object you are washing.
  • If the hose is damaged while pressure washing your Jacksonville, FL home, replace it!

When pressure washing in Jacksonville, FL, do your homework. Please, respect the machine as being potentially harmful and follow all safety precautions. In addition, you may consider hiring a professional to do any pressure washing for you.

Contact us for your next home cleaning project. We pressure wash driveways, siding, roofs and decks. We make your house look as good or better than the day you first moved in!

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