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Streak-free Window Cleaning

Posted by Nathan McKay

Sep 16, 2013 6:40:00 AM

window cleaningEven though most people think the state has only one season to prepare for all year round, as any Floridian homeowner can attest to, it's really the elements that make things tricky. Keeping your yard and home in tip-top condition takes a little extra work, especially with the sun glaring down on every minor streak, stain or spot that you miss. With hurricanes, daily rain storms and salt water-whipped wind coming in off the shore, simple tasks such as getting a streak-free shine on your windows take on a whole new meaning.

Window Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

For example, cleaning your windows in Jacksonville proves a difficult chore for anyone - homeowners and pros alike. Because the city is right on the St. Johns River and Atlantic Ocean, the elements have a little extra bite to them. This makes cleaning the outside of your home's windows that much tougher, especially if you want that streak-free shine.

Add to this the wide array of windows common to Florida homes such as:
• Storm windows
• Bay windows
• Skylights
• Vaulted windows
• Tilting windows
• Palladian windows
• Sliding doors

It soon becomes clear why cleaning the windows outside of your home can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario - and that's to say nothing of the inside of your house. From the sticky hands of your little ones to the hyperactive paws of your furry family members scratching at the lanai, keeping your windows streak-free can seem a near impossible task. Indeed, many turn to professional window cleaners in Jacksonville rather than deal with trying to get the task done themselves, but if you're set on giving it a go, here's how the pros get that streak-free shine.

How to Get Streak-Free Windows in Your Jacksonville Home

When it comes to getting the best looking windows in your neighborhood, there are some very simple tips and tricks that you should follow. These can be further broken down into the Do's and Don'ts of window cleaning.


• Use a high-quality, biodegradable window cleaner with no ammonia or phosphates
• Remove all screens before cleaning your windows
• Try to find a solution that has anti-static properties so dirt and debris are repelled
• Use a scrubber (sponge) on the windows first
• Use a squeegee whenever and wherever possible
• Substitute vinegar and water in place of box-store cleaners if in a bind
• When a squeegee isn't a viable option, use 100% cotton cloths or sheets cut into cloths. Microfiber clothes can work in a pinch as well
• Use ladders to reach high windows, cleaning then up close with your hands
• Use lint free towels to "edge wipe" your windows, meaning get all the water off the window near the panes after squeegeeing


• Use any cleanser that comes in a little blue spray bottle with a picture of a smiling person on it, or likewise
• Pressure wash or power wash your windows as this will scratch the glass, break your seals and create hard water spots
• Use extension poles to clean windows that are hard to reach
• Leave any water whatsoever on the window to air-dry, even after squeegeeing (see "edge wipe")
• Wax your windows - this will make them look hazy and foggy
• Clean your windows with the screen still on

The Window Cleaning Process

Ideally, you want your squeegee to be fitted with a new, sharp blade every time you clean your windows. While this might not be necessary, if you want that professional, streak-free look, it is the best way to obtain it. Nicks, breaks and cracks in the squeegee rubber create streaks. A 10- or 12-inch squeegee will do the trick for most jobs, but if your windows are bigger, go with a bigger squeegee.

After washing the windows clean of dirt and debris with your scrubber, take the tip of your squeegee and angle it so that you clean a one-inch section of the window right along the pane from top to bottom. Place the squeegee blade horizontally in this one-inch buffer zone, making certain to press the edge up to the top of the window and then bring the squeegee across the window from left to right. Clean the squeegee off on a towel and then overlap your swipe by two inches and drag the squeegee across the window again. Repeat this process until the window is completely clean and streak-free. Then, "edge wipe" the windows.

Professional Window Cleaning in Jacksonville

Of course, the most reliable and easiest way to get a streak-free shine every time is to hire a professional window cleaner. Professional window cleaning in Jacksonville ensures that no matter the size of the task or elements at play, your windows will get the professional attention that they deserve, ensuring your windows remain safe, clean and absolutely dazzling.

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