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A New Year’s Resolution for Your Home

Jan 20, 2020 12:07:00 PM

This is the time of year for fresh starts, New Year’s resolutions, and new healthy habits! In addition to spending more time at the gym or eating less carbs, why not make a resolution to keep your home cleaner without having to do the work yourself?

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5 Ways to Keep Carpet Clean All Season

Jan 7, 2020 12:04:47 PM

Winter is mild here in Jacksonville, and while we certainly don’t have to contend with the salt, ice, and snow that they do in other parts of the country, we still need to take extra precautions to protect our carpet at this time of year. With kids and pets tromping through the house with muddy boots and tracking in leaves, keep your home tidier and your carpet in great shape by doing these 5 things:

5 Ways to Keep Carpet Clean All Season

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8 Easy Steps to Clean Windows

Dec 16, 2019 9:26:00 AM

Cooler weather is here, but that’s no excuse for grimy, streaked windows. Here are 8 steps from a highly rated professional window cleaning company to help you keep your windows looking great all season long!

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3 Reasons to Get Your Upholstery Cleaned This Season

Dec 13, 2019 9:22:58 AM

The holidays are in full swing and though you probably have a long to-do list already, it might be the best time to schedule professional upholstery cleaning for your sofa, ottomans, and chairs. Here’s why:

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Beat Flu Season by Cleaning These 5 Things

Nov 15, 2019 8:08:00 AM

Flu season is here, but do not fear! Our cleaning tips can help prevent flu from invading your home. The most important measure for protecting your home and family from flu is to get the flu vaccine, and everyone knows the importance of covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water. It’s also very important to kill the germs that lurk around the house.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Dryer Working Great

Nov 1, 2019 8:05:00 AM

Laundry is a chore that we all have to do every week. The dryer is a hardworking appliance that doesn’t require a lot of work to maintain. However, when it’s not maintained appropriately, it can operate inefficiently and cost your money, and even create a fire hazard. Use our tips to keep your dryer in good shape!

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What are the Black Streaks on My Roof and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Oct 16, 2019 8:49:00 AM

Few things diminish the aesthetic or lower the curb appeal of a home more than black streaks on the roof. If you’ve noticed black streaks on your roof, you’re probably wondering what those streaks are and how you can get rid of them!

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5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

Oct 2, 2019 8:44:59 AM

You clean your home so that it’s tidy and inviting, but you also clean it to get rid of germs and bacteria. However, you may not realize that certain cleaning tasks can actually be dangerous in and of themselves! Here are five cleaning mishaps that are actually dangerous and should be avoided:

5 Dangerous Cleaning Mistakes

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5 Things to Consider Before Cleaning Your Carpet

Aug 25, 2019 5:00:00 AM

Routine cleaning is an important part of keeping nearly anything in good order, and carpet is no exception. Regular deep cleaning keeps your carpet soft, keeps allergens and bacteria at bay, and contributes to the overall cleanliness and aesthetic of your home’s interior. Considering these 5 things will make it easier to plan your carpet cleaning job:

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3 Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Aug 17, 2019 9:24:26 AM

It’s easy to forget about hiring professional air duct cleaning for your home, since ductwork is “out of sight, out of mind.” However, the best air duct cleaning companies recommend having your home’s ductwork professionally cleaned every 3-5 years. Here are three benefits to having your air ducts cleaned:

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