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Top 10 Most Dreaded Household Chores

Posted by Josh Kennedy

Jun 11, 2014 10:53:00 AM

bigstock-House-Cleaning-Products-Pile-O-63868528For most people, house cleaning is not at the top of the list for enjoyable activities. It's time consuming, tedious, boring, and it can be overwhelming if things haven't been cleaned for a while. By following some helpful cleaning tips, you can make house cleaning easier. Take a look at the 10 most dreaded cleaning chores and ways to tackle them.


Cleaning the bathrooms is one of the most dreaded household chores.

  • Mirrors get cloudy from aerosol sprays.

  • Sinks, bathtubs and showers collect hair and mineral deposits on tile areas.

  • Floors and bath mats collect dirt from everyone's shoes and then, there's the dreaded toilet. With two or three bathrooms in your home, cleaning could take half the day.

For speed-cleaning tips, get mentally prepared, gather your cleaning supplies and dig in. By tackling your worst areas first, the rest of your cleaning chores will seem easier.


Cooking meals for your family is enjoyable, but cleaning your dirty oven is not. If you like to cook and bake, your oven will require some thorough cleaning to get rid of grease splatters and food spills that build up on oven walls, burners and wire racks over time.

Some ovens may get cleaned more often thanks to the self-cleaning features available, but most people don’t clean their ovens on a regular basis. Because it's a tedious job that requires the use of harsh oven cleaners with strong chemicals, most people put off oven cleaning until it becomes a necessity.


When you cook, there's no way to avoid accidental spills and foods that boil over. Even professional chefs can't avoid a messy stove when cooking. Cleaning the stove requires some physical effort with the use of cleaners, grease removers and scouring pads to remove the greasy film and burned food particles below burners and around the stove top. There are all-natural and organic cleaners on the market with optional cleaning tips but many are not strong enough to effectively remove grease buildup and baked on food.


The worst part of cleaning the refrigerator is taking all of the food out first, then putting it back when you're finished. If you're feeding a family, chances are your refrigerator stays well-stocked and cleaning it is a tedious task.

  • Remove all the food from the fridge and freezer

  • Remove the shelves and produce drawers

  • Clean the fridge and freezer and wash all the shelves and drawers with a mild, soapy water or an all-natural cleaner that won't leave chemical smells.

  • After everything is clean, put everything back.


There are always food particles left in the dishwasher, even after a full wash and rinse cycle. Invisible particles get lodged under racks and in dishwasher parts. Dishwasher detergent can build up in your dispenser and form a hardened residue that's difficult to remove.

  • Run your dishwasher through a cleaning cycle once every few months.

  • Remove food particles with a damp rag, then add one cup of vinegar to a dishwasher safe dish and place it in the top rack.

  • Run a full cycle on hot and allow it to dry.

Washer and Dryer

With a full family, your washer and dryer probably gets used constantly to keep up with everyday laundry needs. Your washer can develop unpleasant odors and caked-on mineral deposits from hard water. Your dryer can develop a buildup of dryer lint that can start a fire. To keep your washer and dryer clean, follow these important cleaning tips.

  • Once every few months, put a cup of white vinegar in the washer and run it through a warm cycle to remove mineral deposits and odors.

  • Be sure to clean your dryer's lint filter after each use and check for proper exhaust and ventilation.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures around the house, especially ceiling fixtures, are often overlooked with house cleaning. Go around the house and inspect your light fixtures. Check for dust and make sure they're working properly. Remove any bulbs that are burned out, then clean your fixtures with a damp cloth or duster. For chandeliers, pendants and ceiling fixtures, you'll need a step ladder and a long handle duster to reach them. Clean the fixtures and replace burned out bulbs.


Cleaning blinds can be a real chore. Household blinds can easily build up dust, especially if you open your windows. If you have blinds in your kitchen, they can build up a greasy film from cooking that's really hard to remove without special chemical cleaners. The best cleaning tips for blinds is dusting them with a duster or soft cloth on a regular weekly basis. It's a good idea to take them down at least once a year and clean them with a cleaning solution that's recommended for the blinds' material.


Baseboards often get overlooked during house cleaning, but it's a good idea to clean your baseboards each time you clean your floors. Layers of dust can settle on baseboards and you may not even notice it. If you have carpeting or area rugs, you can vacuum the baseboards with an attachment each time you vacuum your carpets. If you have hardwood, stone or tile flooring, use a duster on the baseboards when you clean your floors.


Clogged gutters can cause damage to your home. Buildup of leaves and debris in your gutters can cause standing water that promotes mold and mildew growth. It can prevent proper drainage allowing water to overflow in the wrong places. This can result in interior water damage, roof damage and landscape erosion. Keeping your gutters clean is important for home maintenance, but doing it yourself can be physically exhausting and dangerous. You must climb up on a ladder, then onto the roof for proper cleaning.

First Coast Home Pros provides expert cleaning services in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area. We specialize in full-service house cleaning for all those dreaded cleaning chores that take your time and energy. For more information on our services, contact us today.

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